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About// Sustainable Futures Challenge (SFC): Join the SFC to work with brilliant minds with complementary skill sets to solve one of the following problems in sustainability. Be an innovator and build a business around one of the following challenges:

Food: Focus on one aspect that makes a sustainable farming revolution uneconomical and solve it.
Water: Design a self-sustaining home water treatment system for rainwater.
Energy: Identify one source of human energy not yet exploited and design a way to harness it.
Materials: Create a bio-plastic for laboratory/medical use.
Health: Create a way to prevent physical assaults on vulnerable individuals.


About// Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC):  CUTEC is a student-run organisation aiming to nurture entrepreneurship in academics and students. CUTEC aspires to inspireenrich and connect entrepreneurially-minded people.

  • Follow CUTEC activities and you will be updated on a range of exciting events, such as skill or technology workshops, lectures by inspiring entrepreneurs, technology or startup showcases, and 1-on-1 business surgeries.
  • Join the CUTEC team and you will be embedded in an enriching environment to nurture your ideas, while getting startup support and connecting with like-minded individuals.


About// Technology Ventures Conference (TVC): Our flagship event, the TVC  takes place in June every year. The event is one of the largest student-led entrepreneurship conferences in the world. We bring together more than 400 entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, academics, and students to share, collaborate and connect with visionary thinkers on all aspects of entrepreneurship.

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Latest news

  • Future Resource Abundance – the role of entrepreneurs and investors

    With the success of the millennium development goals, and the advent of the post-2015 sustainable development agenda, the year 2015 has been coined as “the year of sustainable development” and has been deemed to be defined by global action. The recent OECD Ministerial Council Meeting called for more investment in innovation and technology, certainly those […]

  • Recent Lecture: The Journey of Demis Hassabis (Google DeepMind)

    Thursday, 19 February 2015, Cambridge, UK Demis Hassabis – A well known scientist, innovator, and entrepreneur in the field of artificial intelligence and founder of Deepmind technologies (acquired by Google), delivered a talk at Cambridge University Technology & Enterprise Club. The talk was attended by more than 250 people from all over the UK (as […]


Join Our Exciting Events

  • Technology Ventures Conference: one of the largest student-led conference that hosts inspirational talks, workshops, technology showcases, startup pitches, and speeddating
  • Idea Challenge: students of different backgrounds discuss a grand challenge, form a team, come up with a technological solution, and find a market for it; all with mentoring from experts
  • Skill workshops: training on skills such as opportunity spotting, intellectual property, fundraising, and pitching
  • Tech workshops: training on technologies such as 3D printing, product development, and coding
  • Inspirational lectures: hosting talks by astonishing entrepreneurs and technology gurus
  • Business Surgeries: 1-on-1 advice by experts in the field of marketing, intellectual property, legal, and venture capital