Current team

Executive Committee

Maximilian Ge - President


Freddi Scheib - Chairman


Freddi Scheib, a native of Lexington, Kentucky, is a current PhD student researching Human Evolutionary Genetics. She is CEO of LogSquared, a diagnostic anesthesia technology, winner of the CUE 5K Angel Investor Award (2014). Previously, she attained her BA in Economics from NYU while writing and producing comedic internet content with her own production company, Shafted Writers Productions.

Jason Deacon - Chief Information Officer

Jason achieved a Master’s in Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University, opportunity arouse to fulfil his dream of working on the edge of research as he enrolled for a Ph.D. in Graphene Technology with Emmanuel College. Under the guidance of Professor Nitschke, he is crafting a single molecule sensing device and hopes to add to the nuclear or photovoltaics field during his Ph.D. which will lead to becoming a CEO of his own company. He plays the violin, rides a snowboard and will discuss the serendipitous nature of life for hours on end.

Lucia Corsini - Chief Innovation Officer

Lucia Corsini is a 1st year PhD student at the Institute for Manufacturing and a member of Gonville and Caius College. She is researching the impact of digital manufacturing technologies on design.

Lucia graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MEng in Manufacturing Engineering in 2014. After graduating, she studied Product and Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins before working at Accenture’s Innovation Programme, across a number of UX design projects.

Chow J Rui - Chief Operations Officer

Chow, currently in his 4th year, is reading mechanical engineering in St Catharine’s college. He is from Sabah, Malaysia. He has vast interest in the energy market and the progress of technology. Technology and money interest him. During his free time, Chow enjoys playing basketball and badminton.

Vice Presidents

Chantelle Bell - VP of Marketing

Chantelle is a Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise Student at Newnham College. During her spare time she enjoys covering the latest trends in Healthcare, Biotechnology and Technology and is keen to explore the potential of AI in these areas. Chantelle is also a keen baker and enjoys trying out new recipes in her spare time.

Johnson Pak - VP of Business Operations

Johnson, born and brought up in Hong Kong, is a 3rd year manufacturing engineering student at Trinity Hall. He is excited by anything that is being 3D-printed, and is a strong believer that students’ early exposure to technology is necessary to develop the STEM leaders of the future. Whenever he isn’t advocating for interdisciplinary learning in education, he is either playing mahjong, craving for good-quality ramen, or daydreaming about going off to train as a Pokemon master

Tom Nicholson - VP of Content

Thomas Nicholson resides in Magdalene College studying towards a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise.
Although being interested in the vast majority of scientific advances he has a particular interest in Healthcare biotech, more specifically point of care rapid diagnostics, personalized medicine, genomic collection, storage and analysis and epigenetic modification.
In his spare time he enjoy running, cycling and attempting to play the guitar.

Sumeet Mohan - VP of Media Relations

Sumeet attends Queens’ College and is studying a Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise. In his spare time, Sumeet enjoys playing the piano and has a keen interest in graphic design.

Michael Whitehead - VP Of Sponsorship

Michael is studying the MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise – a one year course that focuses on the translation of biomedical innovation.  In his free time, Michael enjoys collecting vinyl records and trying his hand at amateur photography.