Current team

Executive Committee

Vaska Atta-Darkua - Chief Financial Officer

Vaska is a PhD candidate in Finance at the University of Cambridge. She has a BSc in International Economics from the University of Essex and an MPhil in Finance from the University of Cambridge. Vaska has passed CFA’s Investment Management Certificate and sits on the Investment Committee of her Cambridge College. Prior to joining Cambridge, she was a Project Manager at an Econometric Consulting firm. Having spent a summer working for a Venture Capital firm, Vaska is passionate about Technology Entrepreneurship, especially the FinTech space.

Simon Baker - Chief Information Officer

Peter Choy - Chief Innovation Officer

Peter is a second year at St John’s, originally from London. Despite reading Maths, his main pursuit is machine learning, and using the bleeding edge in AI to push automation in businesses. You can find him furiously working on a startup, or desperately trying to convince other people to.  

Akshara Ramabadran - Chief Operations Officer

Freddi Scheib - President


Freddi Scheib, a native of Lexington, Kentucky, is a current PhD student researching Human Evolutionary Genetics. She is CEO of LogSquared, a diagnostic anesthesia technology, winner of the CUE 5K Angel Investor Award (2014). Previously, she attained her BA in Economics from NYU while writing and producing comedic internet content with her own production company, Shafted Writers Productions.

Vice Presidents

Sanjana Bhaskar - VP Marketing

Kadi Liis Saar - VP Sponsorship

A chemical engineer by training, Kadi works at the interface of biology and nanoscience developing microfluidic devices for the study of biological macromolecules and protein-protein interactions. She also builds tools to investigate biological currents, developing a new generation of photosynthetic solar cells. Kadi is passionate about technological developments in a wide range of fields and she really enjoys thinking about how emerging technologies can transform our society. Having narrowly traded a professional career in tennis for a degree at Cambridge, Kadi still enjoys a good game in her spare time and also plays for the university blues (1st) team.

Chow J Rui - VP Operations

Chow, currently in his 3rd year, is reading engineering in St Catharine’s college. He is from Sabah, Malaysia. Despite coming from a traditional Chinese family, he has vast interest in the adult toys industry and always seek ways to improve current designs. Technology and money interest him.

Hampton Tao - VP Content

Hampton Tao, hailing from Hong Kong, is currently a second year engineering student at Pembroke College.  During his spare time, he is either covering emerging technologies and trends at, playing table tennis for Cambridge University, or explaining to his parents why artificial intelligence will take over the world one way or another.

Thomas Meany - Vice President of Media Relations

Thomas completed his PhD in ultrafast laser inscription of 3D quantum circuits at the University of Macquarie in Sydney, Australia. He is now a Marie Curie fellow working jointly in the semiconductor physics labs of the Cavendish and the Cambridge research labs of Toshiba research Europe Ltd. He is excited by the commercialisation of new and emerging technologies and the process of putting blue sky research on solid ground.


Hermann Hauser - Advisor

Amadeus Capital

Hermann co-founded Amadeus Capital Partners in 1997 with Anne Glover and Peter Wynn. In his long and successful history as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Hermann has founded or co-founded companies in a wide range of technology sectors. These include Acorn Computers (where he helped spin out ARM), Active Book Company, Virata, Net Products, NetChannel and Cambridge Network Limited. He was a founder director of IQ (Bio), IXI Limited, Vocalis, SynGenix, Advanced Displays Limited (acquired by Cambridge Display Technology), Electronic Share Information Limited, E*Trade UK and has supported many other start-ups.

Sherry Coutu - Advisor


Sherry Coutu is a former CEO and angel investor who serves on the boards of companies, charities and universities. She chairs Founders4Schools and is a non-executive member of Cambridge University (Finance Board), Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge University Press and a NED of Zoopla and the London Stock Exchange Group. She also serves on the Advisory Board of As an angel investor, she works with entrepreneurs to solve problems that matter and specialises in consumer internet, information services and education. She has made angel investments in more than 50 companies and holds investments in 4 venture capital firms. She was voted by TechCrunch as the best CEO mentor / advisor in Europe in Nov 2010. In May 2011, she was voted by Wired magazine as one the top 25 ‘most influential people in the wired world’, and one of the top ten most influential investors and women. Philanthropically, she supports the Prince’s Trust, the Crick Institute and serves on the Harvard Business School European Advisory Council. Sherry has an MBA from Harvard, an MSc (with distinction) from the London School of Economics, and a BA (Hons with distinction) from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to entrepreneurship in the New Year’s Honours List 2013.

Jonathan Bradford - Advisor


Jon is the Managing Director of TechStars in London. Previously Jon was the co-founder and CEO of Springboard. Jon loves to help start-ups and their founders achieve their true potential. Over the last 2 years, Jon acted as an advisor to many other multi-company accelerators from Montreal to Moscow. Since launching Europe’s first bootcamp accelerator in 2009 – The Difference Engine – he helped to launch Springboard now based in Cambridge and London. In addition, he has also founded ignite100, a re-invention of the Difference Engine, that combines a 13 week accelerator with follow on funding of up to £100k per team and Startup Wise Guys in Estonia, Eleven in Bulgaria and TexDrive in Moscow. In a previous life, Jon trained as an accountant with Arthur Andersen, and subsequently has worked in various start-ups and turnarounds. He has worked in London, throughout Europe, Australia and also the United States.

Shailendra Vyakarnam - Advisor

Cambridge University (Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning)

Dr Vyakarnam worked in industry for several years before completing his MBA and PhD. He has combined academic, practitioner and policy interests to provide advice to government agencies and UN agencies in several countries, on the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems, technology commercialisation and entrepreneurship education. He has mentored entrepreneurs and held non-executive directorships of small firms in addition to developing growth programmes for SMEs over several years. His main contribution over the past 10 years has been to develop practitioner-led education for entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. He has been assisting universities in several countries to better understand how to integrate this novel curriculum into their programmes. Dr Vyakarnam is presently Co-Founder and Director of AcceleratorIndia. He is on the editorial board of the International Small Business Journal and Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Alan Barrel - Advisor

Cambridge Univeristy

Alan Barrell has spent almost 30 years in senior executive positions in technology based industries and has become one of Cambridge’s most articulate promoters of entrepreneurship. He was a founder shareholder in Library House Ltd, and is now Entrepreneur in Residence at the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and Visiting Professor of Enterprise at the University of Bedfordshire School of Graduate Business Studies. He is also Distinguished Guest Professor at Xiamen University, Visiting Professor at Shanghai College of Science and Technology and at the Fujian International School of Economics and Business, Fuzhou and Guanzi University, all in China. He has taught at Tsinghua University Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai and Minjiang University, Fuzhou City. He acts as Consultant to the China (Shanghai) Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneurs. His interest in China, its history, people and culture has become a major feature of his life and work. Other appointments include Senior Enterprise Fellow, University of Essex, International Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, and International Research Fellow, Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki and at University of Lahti also in Finland.

Andy Richards - Advisor

Cambridge Angels

Dr Andy Richards is an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor specialising in life sciences. He is currently Chairman of Altacor, Abcodia, Novacta and Ixico, Co-Chair of Cambridge Temperature Concepts, a Non-Executive Director of Arecor, PsychologyOn-line and Congenica and is founder and special advisor to Vectura plc. In addition, he is a Non-Executive Director of Cancer Research Technologies (the commercial arm of CR-UK) and Babraham Bioscience Technologies, is a member of the BBSRC Council and a Trustee of the British Science Association. He is a founder member of Cambridge Angels and an advisor to several Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Funds and Corporate Venture Funds. Andy is a Cambridge graduate with a PhD in enzyme chemistry who spent his early career with ICI (now AstraZeneca) and with PA Technology. He was a founder of Chiroscience and an executive director through to the sale to Celltech in 1999. Andy has a track record as a founder and active investor in more than 20 innovative healthcare and life-science companies over the last 12 years including companies that are have exited such as Arakis, Cambridge Biotechnology Ltd, Sirus, Daniolabs, Biowisdom, Geneservice, Pharmakodex and Clinical Force.

Kelsey Lynn Skinner - Advisor

Imperial Innovations

Kelsey Lynn Skinner is Director Tech Ventures at Imperial Innovations, a £600m market cap venture capital and technology commercialization business associated with the top UK research universities. She currently sits on the boards of AQDOT Ltd (Cambridge spin-out) and Econic Technologies (Imperial spin-out) where she led financings for a combined $17m over the past two years. Her primary expertise is on materials and energy investing and she is currently exploring the industrial internet of things as well as the intersection of psychology and data. Previously, Kelsey was a Partner at Firelake Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm in Palo Alto, CA, where she led Firelake’s investment efforts in energy storage, transportation, biofuels and carbon mitigation. Kelsey has worked in the materials and energy sector since 2003, including roles at Google (GOOG), the Global Climate and Energy Project at Stanford University, and the Electric Power Research Institute.

Jose J Pacheco - Advisor


José Pacheco is the Director of the International Genetically Engineered Microorganisms (iGEM) Entrepreneurship Competition, with teams from around the world. Through the competition, and other work, he is focused on catalyzing a vibrant and responsible synthetic biology industry, supporting entrepreneurs, policy makers, and corporate and venture investments for its development. Already, the industrial biotechnology sector is transforming many economic activities, including precise and advanced manufacturing, specialty and bulk chemicals, security, waste remediation, agriculture, and fuel production. Synthetic Biology has the potential to multiply and accelerate that transformation by synthesizing or modifying microorganism genomes using a library of standardized biological “parts” -small, but functional, genetic sequences- conceptually similar to using transistors to create computer hardware. In 2011, the nearly 200 global iGEM collegiate and high school teams developed many novel, and more sustainable microorganism-produced products with less energy and water usage and waste than current practice. In aggregate there are 250+ teams participating in the collegiate, high school and entrepreneurship 2012 competitions.

Simon Haworth - Advisor

Dynasty Biotechnology

Simon is an entrepreneur and innovator having founded or co-founded more than ten companies so far. In 2006 he founded IPSO Ventures with two colleagues, listing the company in London in 2007 and creating seven new technology companies from scratch in the following three years. He has created technology and service businesses in Europe, China and the US. Since 2010 Simon has focussed on commercialisation of technology and the financing of innovation.

Robyn Scott - Robyn Scott


Robyn Scott is a social entrepreneur and author. As an entrepreneur she is currently focused on using entrepreneurship and technology to solve some of society’s toughest challenges in Southern Africa’s prisons and townships. Mothers for All and Brothers for All, the social enterprises she co-founded, work directly with the region’s most vulnerable people, helping them transform their lives whether by training as artisans or learning how to code. She is also Co-Founder of OneLeap, which helps the world’s foremost organisations be more entrepreneurial and develop entrepreneurial leaders, by drawing on the experience and knowledge of some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

Nicholas Heller - Advisor

Fractal Labs

Nicholas Heller is co-founder of Fractal Labs, a finance and analytics focused technology company, connecting investors and entrepreneurs, and helping them make better decisions using data. He is also Co-Chair of SVC2UK and Founders4Schools, UK based non-profits focused on building the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Previously, he was Head of New Initiatives and Product Partnerships at Google, leading business development teams across a number of product areas, including Emerging Markets, the Cultural Institute, international Google[x] deployment, Media & Publishing, and many more. He has spent his career in tech, media (Viacom), finance (Royal Bank of Canada) and as a board director (Locationary–sold to Apple), entrepreneur (Degrees of Separation), advisor and investor, working on new product development, business incubation and exploratory efforts in technology and telecoms. In 2010, he was also honoured as one of the global 40-under-40 by the telecoms industry.

Tamara Sword - Advisor


Tamara is Director of TRM&C – a business that provides strategic marketing support to high growth, high tech companies.Her previous role was Head of Marketing at augmented reality start-up Aurasma – now an HP company. She launched the platform, taking it to over 15,000 commercial partners and four million users in two years. Before Aurasma, Tamara led marketing at venture-backed Light Blue Optics and for a $100 million joint venture between the University of Cambridge and MIT. She started her career working in advertising for Saatchi & Saatchi and has degrees from King’s College London and Oxford University. Tamara has presented at conferences around the world and in 2013 was voted one of the most influential individuals in Mobile by The Drum magazine. Tamara writes for The Huffington Post and other sites about technology, marketing and the way we live.

Amy Mokady - Advisor


Amy Weatherup (formerly Amy Mokady) is a serial entrepreneur who has held senior sales, marketing and business development roles in both start-ups and multinational companies, and now focuses on turning university research into practice. She was co-founder and marketing director of STNC Ltd., a venture-backed start-up which developed browsers for mobile phones and was acquired by Microsoft in 1999. Following roles working at the forefront of the mobile industry at Microsoft, QUALCOMM and 3, more recent start-ups include Pogo Mobile Solutions (developer of the nVoy smartphone), Light Blue Optics (an industry leader in pico-projectors), Mo.Jo (online participation in new ventures) and Audio Analytic (sound analysis and recognition). Since 2005 Amy has been increasingly involved in the commercialisation of University inventions, and in helping the next generation of entrepreneurs develop the appropriate skills. She founded and runs the i-Teams Programme at Cambridge University and in London, where multi-disciplinary teams of students work to assess the best route to market for new university inventions.

Christopher Padfield - Senior Treasurer

Cambridge Univeristy

Dr Padfield is Director of the University’s Corporate Liaison Office. His Office is responsible for nurturing relationships between the University and the corporate sector, and in this work he interfaces with senior people from industry, with other senior offices of the University and in government. Alongside research, executive education and CEE features extensively in his dialogue with companies. As Director of Studies Dr Padfield is responsible for choosing the best supervisors to work with you depending on the papers that you choose.