Cambridge University Technology & Enterprise Club (CUTEC)

CUTCE teamCUTEC is a leading student-run organisation that seeks to nurture and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit amongst academics and students. The club is mainly run by students who are passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, supported by advisors drawn from the local business community. The multicultural CUTEC membership consists of PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, MBA students and professionals, united by a shared passion for entrepreneurialism and business. Many are already actively working on establishing or growing their own businesses. Since its inception in 2003, CUTEC has grown considerably. With over 4,000 members worldwide, it promotes entrepreneurship across all disciplines.


CambridgeApart from its historic, academic and scientific heritage, Cambridge hosts a large cluster of high-tech businesses focusing on software, electronics and biotechnology. Many of these businesses have connections with Cambridge University. The area is now one of the most important technology centres in Europe and the largest entrepreneurial hub in the UK, annually receiving up to 24% of the country’s total invested risk capital.

CUTEC’s Corporate Structure

We are a company-like organisation with the Executive Committee leading the club and overseeing the five teams. Each team is managed by a Vice President covering one of the following areas: Content, Sponsorship, Marketing, Media Relations, and Business Operations. Our Board of Advisors assist the Executive Committee members in developing each year’s general strategy. They help in ensuring that organizational planning is coherent and see that our club’s resources are managed effectively. Our advisors monitor CUTEC’s finances and offer advice and feedback towards shaping the content of the Technology Ventures Conference. They bring a breadth of skills, experience, and diversity to CUTEC and provide a voice of wisdom to the organization.

Who do we work with?

  • Student and academics that would like to get involved with entrepreneurship
  • Startup that look to leverage on Cambridge’s Technology Cluster and Startup Hub
  • Enterprises that want to sponsor CUTEC and in so doing connect with entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, academics, and/or students in Cambridge and beyond
  • Organizations that want to collaborate