Mission and Values

Our Mission

CUTEC is a student-run, non-profit association organizing business-related events and initiatives. The purpose of CUTEC is:


  • Bridge: to bridge entrepreneurial initiatives and technological innovation by circulating knowledge, experience and ideas
  • Create: to endeavour the creation of start-up companies
  • Network: to build an entrepreneurial network of young inventors, investors and advisors centered around technology
  • Grow: to provide a platform whereby member to connect globally and develop their personal and professional skills

Our Core Values

CUTEC aspires to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system. The purpose of CUTEC is:


  • Connect: to promote networking between students
  • Connect: to promote networking between students, experienced entrepreneurs, start-ups, investment partners, advisors and alumni
  • Inspire: to spread ideas about technology and business to endeavour entrepreneurship and creation of value
  • Enriche:  to foster an entrepreneurial culture in technology and strengthens the basics of networking, teamwork and business knowledge

Our Activities

CUTEC provides the tools to grow as an entrepreneur and to elevate enterprises. For this, CUTEC provides:

  • Teaching Entrepreneurship: skill-based or technology-based workshops, lectures by inspirational entrepreneurs, fireside interviews
  • Idea Creation: roundtable brainstorming sessions to tackle technological challenges and to sprout new ideas/enterprises
  • Startup Support:  mentorship, 1-on-1 business surgeries, use of partner network
  • Startup Boosts: technology and startup showcases, ability to plug-in to the Cambridge Cluster
  • International Network: connecting individuals/enterprises between clusters through partnerships and Alumni