General Events

IP workshop event – 3 March 2016, Cambridge University Engineering Department (LR4), 6-10pm


This workshop event will cover the basics of Intellectual Property (IP): patents, copyright, trademarks and designs.  Questions such as “What can I patent?” and “What is the process of patenting?” will be answered.  There will be a strong focus on how start-ups should approach IP and what the importance of IP is for tech start-ups.  The second half of the event will take the form of an informal interactive competition.  The audience, divided into groups, will be challenged to devise solutions to hypothetical business-related technical problems and then to give short pitches, following which the speakers will comment on both the IP and commercial aspects of the groups’ ideas.  If you are already working on an idea/start-up, you would be welcome to pitch your own concept instead.  A prize will be awarded to the winning group.  This will be a great opportunity to get more knowledgeable about IP, get on-the-spot feedback on tech ideas, and maybe find a new idea to work on.


Dr James Pitchford (Mathys & Squire)

James is a UK and European Patent Attorney and has significant experience with patent matters (including drafting, filing, prosecution, oppositions, appeals, portfolio management and due diligence) in the physical sciences, working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, spin-outs and SMEs, alongside large corporations, research institutions and universities.

Mathys & Squire ( are a full service firm dedicated to maximising the value of your technologies, brands and designs, and can: analyse the complexities of your technology; focus world-class skills and expertise on adding value to your business; develop an IP strategy within your commercial plans; and communicate with you clearly and pro-actively.  They have been doing this for over 100 years.

Additional speakers – to be confirmed

Confidentiality / non-disclosure notice

Since new IP may be created during the course of this event, and other commercially-sensitive IP-related matters may be discussed, by registering to attend this event, and as a condition of attending this event, all attendees agree in advance that anything discussed during this event will be in confidence, that the nature of this event is private rather than public, and that nothing discussed during this event is to be disclosed to others or made available to the public, unless with the express consent of the owner of the IP in question.