Startup Challenge

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Application deadline: 12.06.2015


Important aspects to take into account when submitting an application:

  • Is the executive summary clear and concise?
  • Is the business proposition clearly communicated?
  • Is this a sustainable business with significant growth and profit potential?
  • Is a clear commercialization strategy proposed?
  • Is the business based on a strong intellectual property position?
  • Feasibility of commercial and marketing strategy
  • Are the potential benefits of the product/service to the ultimate customer clearly explained?
  • Has the team understood and clearly defined the market they are seeking to address?
  • Can the team realistically expect to achieve the market share they suggest?
  • Does the team understand the key drivers in this market?
  • Does the team demonstrate an understanding of who their competitors are from the technology perspective and the commercial perspective?
  • Is there a financial planning strategy?

Startup Competition