Recent Startup Support: Business Surgeries

9127578137_b674a79258_oAs every year, CUTEC organized its “Business Surgeries”. For these sessions, young startups (including those at the idea stage) can apply to get on-the-spot advice from experts. During these free 1-on-1 sessions teams are able to discuss questions and issues regarding specific topics such as (1) marketing, (2) legal, (3) intellectual property, or (4) venture capital.

We would like to thank our contributors for there kind efforts:

  1. Chris Lamaison (Cambridge Resolution) for his marketing advice
  2. Mark Daly (Greene & Greene) for his legal advice
  3. James Picthford (Mathys & Squire) for his IP advice
  4. Arnoud Bonnet (Imperial Innovations) for his VC advice

Here is what one of the participants had to say: “I received excellent market research advice from Chris at the business surgery.  He first took time to understand the business and product, and then provided advice that was practical, tailored, and startup-appropriate, even introducing me to others in his network. I’m very thankful to both Chris and CUTEC.”